"Bike to work" campaign 2016

"Bike to work" campaign 2016

Department of Health Science and Technology's results from the "Bike to work" campaign 2016 are in:

Number of cycling days

Top individual cyclists:

  1. Luise Bolther – 22 cycling days (213.4 km)
  2. 20 cycling days: Federico Arguissain (339.5 km), Emma Huus (188 km), Pascal Madeleine (172 km), and Stig Kjær Andersen (133 km)

Team results:


The top three individual cyclists:

  1. Ryan Godsk Larsen – 448 km (10 cycling days)
  2. Trine Fink – 367.5 km (19 cycling days)
  3. Federico Arguissain – 339.5 km (20 cycling days)

Team results:

The purpose of the campaign, organized by the Danish Cyclists' Federation, is to encourage more people to use their bike for everyday transportation and thereby improve their physical and mental health, and reduce the environmental impact.

Department of Health Science and Technology has proud traditions in this campaign and takes great pleasure in sponsoring the event. In 2016 48 HST employees participated.

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