First study on airplane headache

First study on airplane headache

Airplane headache is a headache which occurs during take-off and landing. The pain located in the fronto-orbital region, and is described as severe and unilateral. A research study aimed at investigating the incidence of airplane headache among Scandinavian air-travelers has been conducted by researchers from Department of Health Science and Technology (HST) and students from School of Medicine and Health (SMH).

Sebastian Bao Dinh Bui and Torben Petersen, who both study Medicine with Industrial Specialisation at SMH, have chosen to take a one-year leave from their studies to do a full-time research project in close collaboration with their supervisors Jeppe Nørgaard Poulsen, PhD student and Parisa Gazerani, Associate professor, SMI, Department of Health Science and Technology.

254 Scandinavian Airlines travelers have participated in the first part of the study - an online questionnaire. The second part of the study, a clinical study, will be finalized at the end of this month. The researchers’ article relating to the first part of the study has been published by Journal of Headache & Pain.

Please visit AAU News or TV2 News for further information on the research study, findings and advice on how to avoid airplane headache.

Sebastian Bao Dinh Bui, Torben Petersen, Parisa Gazerani and Jeppe Nørgaard Poulsen