HST researchers introduce new treatment methods to relieve phantom limb pain

Phantom limb pain is a massive problem for many amputees. A group of researchers at SMI, Department of Health Science and Technology  investigates new treatment methods to relieve the pain and improve the quality of life of the amputees. Their research was featured on TV2 News 23 January 2017. 

Associate professor Romulus Lontis and research assistant  Kristina Flentje Rosenkilde Thomasen are both members of the research group Neural Engineering and Neurophysiology. The group investigates basic neuromuscular mechanisms, their functional consequences mediating both acute adjustments (e.g., arousal, muscle fatigue, pain) and chronic adaptations (e.g., aging, gender, training, stroke, rehabilitation), and methods to restore, replace, and modulate lost or impaired motor functions.

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