HST's staff members win AAU's Working Environment Award

HST HST working environment representatives attending the conference: Erika Spaich, Brita Holst Serup, Debbie Pedersen, Søren Leth, Knud Larsen, Kim Dremstrup, and Mark de Zee. 

It is a pleasure to announce that the staff of HST won AAU's Working Environment Award this year.

The award was presented by Rector Per Michael Johansen today at AAU's annual Working Environment Conference. Knud Larsen and Brita Holst Serup accepted the award on behalf of the entire HST staff group. The award was given to HST’s staff group for its joint efforts in ensuring a healthy and safe work life and working environment. The nomination was based on HST’s thorough inspection rounds in HST’s laboratories, the employee-driven HST Job Satisfaction Seminars, and for the follow-up process conducted by HST’s Co-operation Committee and Working Environment Committee. 

Congratulations to all HST staff members!

Knud Larsen and Brita Holst Serup accepted the award on behalf of the entire HST staff group. Rector Per Michael Johansen presented the award

Next step in HST’s workplace evaluation cycle

In October 2016 members of HST WEC will meet with WEC members from Department of Chemistry and Bioscience. This is a part of AAU’s newly launched concept “Department sparring” – an element anchored in the new workplace evaluation process (APV). Members from each department and a representative from AAU’s Central Section for Occupational Health and Safety will discuss selected parts of the hosting department’s working environment. Subjects discussed during these sparring sessions will all relate directly to the everyday work life achievements or challenges at a given department (i.e. subjects that can be controlled from department level). You can read more about department sparring here.

Find more information here

You can find the APV pixie follow-up reports and a list of working environment related activities at HST’s intranet (staff members only).