No more painful blood tests

Research performed by Professor Steen Andreassen and Professor Stephen Rees, Department of Health Science and Technology and collaboration partners from Aalborg University Hospital resulted in a new product for OBI Medical in 2015: the so-called v-TAC Software (mathematical arterialization software). Hospitals in North Denmark have now started using v-TAC which means that patients are no longer exposed to painful needle pricks.

The software makes it possible to convert data from a normal blood test (peripheral venous) to arterial values i.e. similar to a blood test drawn directly from a patient’s artery. This means that it is now possible to e.g. measure lung function without exposing patients to painful needle pricks in the artery. Furthermore, the invention eases the working procedures for health care professionals. This will lead to significant resource savings for hospitals worldwide.

The story was featured on DR1. Click here to watch the news story (go to 08:33).

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