SUND graduate wins "best student paper" award at the annual meeting of the Danish Society of Biomechanics

Kristian R. L. Mortensen won "Best Student Paper" award at the 8th Annual Meeting of the Danish Society of Biomechanics. Kristian’s participation in the competition was based on the following paper:


"Estimating muscle forces and stresses in hip adductors in Hoffenheim soccer players performing short passing using 3D modelling"


Kristian R. L. Mortensen, Filip G. Lysdal, Johannes Funken, Ralf Müller, Thomas Dupré, Sina David, Jan Mayer, Hartmut Krahl, Uwe G. Kersting & Wolfgang Potthast

Among the authors of the paper were Filip G. Lysdal and Professor Uwe G. Kersting, Physical Activity and Human Performance (PAHP), Department of Health Science and Technology.

Kristian R. L. Mortensen and Filip G. Lysdal both graduated as MSc in Sports Technology from School of Medicine and Health this summer.