The Department of Health Science and Technology has a long and strong tradition for co-operating nationally and internationally with private companies and public institutions and organizations.

At The Department of Health Science and Technology we:

  • Focus on contributing to develop industry and health sector with new research-based knowledge for diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation purposes - and we want to let industry become part of this process by entering into close co-operation with companies and public organizations within the health sector.
  • Strongly believe that inventions and state-of-the art research  can lead to great commercial results. Co-operating  with the surrounding health industry is therefore essential in order to increase market value for the industry.

We constantly strive towards improving health throughout society by conducting research with the clear goal of developing new health technologies and devices, methods and treatments. In 1981 the first biomedical company was spun out from the biomedical research environment and in 2006 our first innovation strategy was formulated. Concurrently with our increased collaboration activities with companies and public institutions and our surrounding society and its citizens, we have built a strong unifying platform of innovation.

About HealthHub AAU