Sports as migration

The focus of this subgroup is on the transnational and intra-national movements of athletes, coaches and other ancillary workers within the global sports system. This encompasses a consideration of the aspirations, career trajectories and lived experiences of sports migrants and the varying conditions under which they produce and sustain mobility. The influence of political, regulatory, cultural and economic as key forces in providing both incentives and barriers to sports migration are examined. The significance of social networks for the recruitment and retention of sports labour migrants as well as their transcultural lives and issues of spatial immobility are also explored. 

Sports in migration

The focus of this sub-group is on the role that sports can play for various types of migrants; refugees, minority ethnic and diaspora groups. The political and public expectations that sports can serve as a means to integrate migrant groups into new locales are considered along with the socio-cultural role that sports play in the lives of migrants themselves. Among others, issues such as the significance of sports in the negotiations of diaspora and ethnic belongings as well as cultural identities are important topics of interest.

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