December 2020

Last modified: 30.12.2020

New Book

Sports in Africa. Past and Present.
Ohio University Press, edited by Todd Cleveland, Tarminder Kaur, and Gerard Akindes 

Since the late nineteenth century, modern sports in Africa have both reflected
and shaped cultural, social, political, economic, generational, and gender relations on the continent. Although colonial powers originally introduced European sports as a means of “civilizing” indigenous populations and upholding then current notions of racial hierarchies and “muscular Christianity,” Africans quickly appropriated these sporting practices to fulfill their own varied interests. This collection demonstrates how Africans past and present have utilized sports to forge complex identities and shape Africa’s dynamic place in the world. It encompasses a wide range of topics, including the shifting practices and perspectives in African football migration since the 1980s and the experience of precarious post-career life course trajectories of African footballers in Europe in addition to others that target women footballers in Nigeria, Kenya’s world-class long-distance runners, pitches and stadiums in communities large and small, fandom and pay-to-watch kiosks, the sporting diaspora, sports pedagogy, sports as resistance and as a means to forge identity, sports heritage, the impact of politics on sports, and sporting biography.

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The United Nations has recently published a report that highlights critical intersects between sport, physical activity, and the pandemic, Further, the report describes the consequences of these intersects for our individual and collective wellbeing. The report also presents critical actions or issues to be addressed within four key areas: promoting human rights and combatting discrimination; ensuring equal access to sport and physical activity; safeguarding participants; and ensuring integrity in sport. This report may serve as a pertinent policy document for sports and migration researchers.

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Online conference for PhD students

The International Society of Qualitative Research in Sport and Exercise (QRSE) is inviting ECR and PhD students to submit abstracts for oral papers, arts-based/visual methods exhibits or performances and posters. The presentations must be pre-recorded and will be published on the conference YouTube channel or Instagram organized according to topics.  Read the call for papers here