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Contact: Rogerio Pessoto Hirata
e-mail: rirata
tel: 9940 9838
office: E1-101b


  1. Always close and lock the lab door and windows if no one is inside.
  2. Please notify the lab manager of any problems asap .
  3. Please turn everything off (lights computers, etc) when you exit.
  4. If you break something or if something is broken, please report it to the manager ASAP so we can get it fixed.
  5. Keep the lab clean.
  6. Do not remove any item prior authorization from the manager
  7. Always read the manuals prior using any equipment.
  8. Problems? Talk to your supervisor, he will guide you.
  9. Always use the isolator filter to connect electric devices to the power supply.

List of Equipment

2 Rowing Machines Concept 2
2 Monark Ergometer 828 E
3 Monark Ergometer 894 E
1 Monark Ergometer 839 E
1 eTenzor Bike
1 Ergospirometer Jaeger
1 SciFit Pro II ergometer
1 Electronic scale
1 Tanita scale
2 Clocks
1 Polar Team System with 8 transmitters
1 Lactate Pro
1 Timing Gate Setup
1 Finometer
1 Polar CS200cad
1 Polar RS800CX Multisport Pack
1 Wii console