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Postal address

Department of Health Science and Technology
(Danish: Institut for Medicin og Sundhedsteknologi)
Aalborg University
Fredrik Bajers Vej 7 D2
DK-9220  Aalborg East

General e-mail


University switchboard: +45 9940 9940


Fax of the Department: +45 9815 4008


Department of Health Science and Technology has 280 employees, equal to 200 full-time positions.

The academic staff totals 230 people or 160 full-time equivalents, and the support staff totals 50 people or 40 full-time equivalents.

Approx. one third of the academic staff come from abroad.

Management and Administration

Head of Department

Kim Dremstrup
E-mail: kdn
Tel. +45 9940 8811
Room D2-212

VICE-HEAD, research

Winnie Jensen
E-mail: wj
Tel. +45 9940 9825
Room E1-201b 

VICE-HEAd, teaching 

Lasse Riis Østergaard
E-mail: lasse
Tel. +45 9940 8743
Room C1-207 

Department Administrator

Tina Buus Andersen
E-mail: tina
Tel. +45 9940 8750
Room D2-208

Senior consultant

Stig Kjær Andersen
E-mail: ska
Tel. +45 9940 8751
Room C1-209

Press contact

Debbie Pedersen
E-mail: dp
Tel. +45 9940 8763
Room D2-207