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Ph.D. Defence by Sasja Jul Håkonsen

Sasja Jul Håkonsen will defend her Ph.D. thesis on: "Design and Development of a Nutrition Minimum Data Set for Primary Healthcare – A User-Centered Approach"


25.04.2019 kl. 13.00 - 17.00


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Malnutrition and nutritional related problems are rarely identified within the primary healthcare setting and several initiatives aiming to decrease the readmission and admission rate have been launched both nationally and internationally. A prerequisite for high-quality nutritional care and treatment within all settings, sectors and disciplines are continuity based on a precise, con-cise and structured documentation that accurately reflects the clinical reality. However, clinical decisions regarding care and treatment are not sufficiently described in the patients’ healthcare record and does therefore not serve the purpose of supporting healthcare professionals’ in de-ciding upon, initiating, evaluation and continuing on their clinical assessments and interven-tions. Current practice does not accommodate the healthcare professionals needs for document-ing nutritional related data and therefore gave reason to look for tools that can support the daily documentation among a varied group of health care professionals within primary healthcare. A Nutrition MDS was proposed as a solution of interest and the development process is the pri-mary focus of this Phd project.


The research questions in the PhD project were investigated in four studies. To describe the healthcare professionals’ attitudes, knowledge and routines in regard to documentation and nu-trition two studies were conducted; a cross-sectional study (study I) and a focus group study (study II). The cross-sectional study were conducted before the focus groups as the results from the cross-sectional study informed the interview-guide and research questions in the focus groups. A prototype of a Nutrition MDS were developed in a two-step process. Firstly, a scop-ing review were conducted in order identify relevant data for at MDS within the nutritional area. Subsequently, these data were analyzed using content analysis and a prototypical Nutri-tion MDS were developed (study III). Finally, a workshop was conducted in order to refine and revise the prototype in close collaboration with end-users (study IV).


The mapping of healthcare professionals’ routines, attitudes and knowledge in relation to nu-trition and documentation provided an important overview of current practice and potential gaps and areas of improvement within documentation and nutritional care that are specifically relevant to managers and leaders within the primary healthcare setting. An analysis of current practices are a prerequisite before the implementation of Nutrition MDS so that it accommo-dates the needs and preferences of the healthcare professionals. Furthermore, a Nutrition MDS were developed in close collaboration with end-users and can be implemented in a primary healthcare setting. The effectiveness of this Nutrition MDS on both quality of the documenta-tion and patient outcomes are still to be investigated.


Department of Health Science and Technology, Aalborg University


Niels Jernes Vej 14, Room 4-111

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