Co-operation with Students

Co-operation with students

Co-operation between students and companies is an effective, yet simple way of bringing research-based knowledge from Aalborg University into play in companies.

Student projects & master thesis

AT the Department of Health Science and Technology we can help you communicate project proposals from your company or organization to our students at School of Medicine and Health (SMH). SMH covers a variety of different bachelor and master educations which are all connected by the medical domain: Medicine, Medicine with Industrial Specialisation, Sports Science and Biomedical Engineering.

The projects are solved in connection with a specific semester. Companies can put forth proposals twice a year. For more information on this, please feel free to contact us

Traineeships & student jobs

The Careers Centre at Aalborg University establishes contact between students and the surrounding society. The purpose of the centres efforts is to help companies and organizations find the best matching employee and to help students build-up relations to the labor market during their time of study. Aalborg University's Careers Centre also establishes contact between students and companies or organizations in regards to traineeships.