Through a stay in the incubator of The Department of Health Science and Technology entrepreneurs can test an entrepreneurial idea through professional counseling and business orientated interdisciplinary sparring and dialogue. At the end of the process the entrepreneur will have:

  • Designed a well-defined business concept
  • Established contact to potential business partners
  • Produced a plan for the further development of the business

We offer a 6 month stay in the incubator to students and recently graduated students. The incubator may also prove valuable to companies, as new technology developed may lead to establishment e.g. of joint ventures. Access to highly advanced laboratory equipment is also one of the benefits in the incubator environment.

Since the establishment of the incubator at The Department of Health Science and Technology the incubator has housed both students and graduates.


To support an entrepreneurial culture among the students of The School of Medicine and Health, EIR has developed EmpEir  - a scouting and idea development initiative which supports the students in developing and maturing new health related ideas with a commercial potential. On the path from idea to realization, EmpEir encourages and helps students take the first steps. EmpEir aims to help create an inspiring study environment and to facilitate development of the students’ network by offering lectures and workshops -  and not least an entrance into Eir’s network of international and local collaboration partners.

Read more about EmpEir and bEir events at: www.eirbusinesspark.com/empeir or visit EmpEir on Facebook.

Students talking in a group