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Danish Healthtech

A national innovation network that strengthens the national collaboration for development and testing of healthcare and homecare technologies, and encourages collaboration between private companies, municipalities, hospitals, and universities across Denmark.

The innovation network, Danish Healthtech, strengthens innovation and business growth within healthcare innovation - one of Denmark’s business positions of strength. As a national network, Danish Healthtech ensures an easy and accessible entrance for small- and medium-sized companies towards municipalities, hospitals, research institutions, and business clusters within the sector. The aim is to develop and distribute better solutions, which create better healthcare and homecare for citizens, growth for companies, and a sustainable society.

The innovation network focuses on:

  • Prevention and predictive health
  • Equilibrium within the healthcare system – the healthcare close to home
  • Better utilisation of Danish health data
  • Personalised treatment

Danish Healthtech is a national collaboration between four business clusters: Welfare TechLifeScience InnovationMedtech Innovation Consortium and Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster, which all work with their respective key areas within healthcare and homecare. Through Danish Healthtech, the clusters coordinate their activities across the country and provide companies easier access and contact to the healthcare system – that needs their solutions.

Simultaneously, the collaboration also includes five Danish universities: The Technical University of DenmarkUniversity of CopenhagenUniversity of Southern DenmarkAarhus University and Aalborg University, as well as two GTS institutes in Advanced Technology: FORCE Technology and Danish Technological Institute. By that, companies get access to the newest research and knowhow.

The innovation network, Danish Healthtech, is a merge between two innovation networks, MedTech Innovation and Welfare Tech Innovation Network for Health and Welfare Technology. The merge unites Danish medico-technology with Danish healthcare and homecare technology and by that creates a simpler cooperative structure, which offers companies better access to a network containing profitable competencies.  

Partners in Danish Healthtech:

Danish Healthtech is funded by The Ministry of Higher Education and Science. Project period: 01.12.2018 - 30.11.2020.