Atopic dermatitis can lead to hypersensitivity

Atopic dermatitis in children can lead to a chronic condition and hypersensitivity to, e.g., touching.

Last modified: 28.11.2017

For the first time an association between atopic dermatitis in children, hypersensitivity to itch and lower pain threshold has been established.

A study conducted by Hjalte Holm Andersen shows that when the nerves in the skin are constantly stimulated by a chronic, itching skin disease, hypersensitivity is developed; not only in the areas of the skin which are affected by the eczema, but all over the body. This indicates that the central nervous system becomes affected by the chronic irritation, which means that the nervous system overreacts to small stimulations of the skin which under normal circumstances will not feel annoying.

Read more about the study here (in Danish).