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Extended Reality discussed in reality

Extended Reality discussed in reality

Last modified: 08.10.2019

Today, EON Reality and Teslasuit visited Department of Health Science and Technology (HST). The aim of the visit was to discuss potential future collaboration and use of Virtual Reality (VR) in teaching and research. A demonstration of the companies’ technologies framed the discussions and new ideas for future teaching and research methods appeared.

EON Reality is an American VR company, which has chosen Viborg as a leading location for its AVR development in Europe. EON Reality has the newest technologies within VR and sensor technology.

EON Reality demonstrated the Teslasuit that has a built-in full body haptic feedback system and can be engaged on actions, on demand, or in response to motion capture comparison.

EON Reality’s founder, CTO and researchers, and the CTO and researchers from Teslasuits participated and met with researchers, teachers, and management from HST.