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Four SUND students took home DKK 100,000 – an extreme makeover has now become a reality.

Last modified: 27.03.2019

Under the headline “Extreme makeover – study environment edition” Aalborg University’s Study Environment Council invited students to present their ideas at an idea generating workshop: “Your study environment – your ideas”. AAU Campus Service’s interior designers helped facilitate the workshop and had brought along various inspirational décor materials, furniture, pictures, etc.

The competition task was clear: How do we create inspirational study environments at AAU – favorable physical spaces for group work, in-depth study, and social activities? DKK 100,000 was at stake for turning the best ideas into reality.

11 groups, taking up a total of approximately 50 students, presented their ideas for AAU’s future physical study environments at the workshop. Four SUND students took home the 1st prize: DKK 100,000 to make their suggested extreme makeover become a reality. When Pro-rector Inger Askehave, Chairman of the Study Environment Council, announced the winners, she described the group’s ideas as sharp and easy to implement.

Member of AAU’s Study Environment Council and Head of Studies at Department of Health Science and Technology Mette Dencker Johansen is very impressed with the SUND students’ ideas for changing their physical study environment: “Converting the big area at Niels Jernes Vej 8A into smaller designated areas will definitely improve our facilitation of student collaboration, PBL, and peer learning. The students suggested a social area with comfy sofas, work stations for groups, a new prominent and central place for their anatomical models, and not least they suggested general decoration that reflects the nature of their study programs; medicine and medicine with industrial specialization.”

Congratulations to our four inspirational winners:

Marie Skovgaard Stephansen 
Frederik Østergaard Klit 
Maja Zimmer Jakobsen 
Katja Lund Cliff 

Foto: Martin Lentz-Nielsen

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