HST researchers honored and awarded at AAU's annual celebration 2017

HST researchers honored and awarded at AAU's annual celebration 2017

Last modified: 09.04.2017

Samuel Schmidt awarded for innovative research

Associate professor and co-founder of Acarix Samuel Schmidt received Nordjysk Universitetsfonds Innovationspris 2017 at AAU’s annual celebration for his excellent research leading to the development Acarix's product CADScor®System – a medical device based on algorithms for non-invasive, non-radiation acoustic detection of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD).

Acarix A/S builds on innovative research performed at Department of Health Science and Technology and initially emerged from a student project. Already while studying biomedical engineering, Samuel Schmidt and his co-student Claus Graff started developing algorithms, which e.g. Acarix’s CADScor®System is based on.

In collaboration with members of the department’s Medical Informatics research group, Samuel is still devoted to his research within the area of cardio technology and to designing algorithms - constantly focusing on developing medical devices easing the diagnostic pathway for health professionals and thereby essentially patients.

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Doctoral degrees

Associate professor Stefanos Volianitis and professor Brian Edwin Cairns were both honored for their research and for obtaining a doctoral degree.

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Teacher of the year

Henrik Bøggild, Associate professor, Public Health and Epidemiology Group, Department of Health Science and Technology was named Teacher of the Year 2016 by the students of the Study Board for Health, Technology and Sports Science.

As a result of this, Henrik was furthermore nominated for "Teacher of the Year at Aalborg University".

Congratulations to all of you for such impressive achievements.

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