New book:

New book: "Doing data Management and documentation using EpiData, REDCap and statistical software" by Henrik Bøggild

Associate professor Henrik Bøggild has just released a free book on data management and documentation

Last modified: 21.09.2021

Why focus on data management  and documentation? 

Associate professor Henrik Bøggild explains in his new book:

“Everyone working with the collection of data will have their focus on the coming analysis of data. What interesting findings can we report from the information, that we have been collecting? However, after having read this text on DMD you will be aware that you should instead start by focusing on how you will secure that the data are as good as they can be before you start analysing. Regardless of the source of data, being paper questionnaires, written paper forms from patient sheets, data fed automatically from a device into the computer, respondents filling out questionnaire forms on the Internet, or even from access to register data collected for administrative purposes, faults are bound to happen in every step before you end up analysing them - and you will need to find and handle them. The reasons for this can be argued in relation to both your own sake and for the sake of society."

- A fraction of research papers and reports are probably based on partly faulty data, but we are not able to see them. Therefore, data should be as good as they could be before starting to analyze them and the book shows how dedicated programs can help the young researcher making better data, Henrik Bøggilds adds. 

For research and teaching 

Henrik Bøggild is head of the research group Public Health and Epidemiology at Department of Health Science and Technology. The research group conducts research and educational training focusing on man in his surroundings. The book is written for his teaching on handling of data at PhD and master level. The research group holds the main responsibility for teaching at the master programme in Public Health at Aalborg University. The group also contributes to other educational programmes, PhD training and supervision of external research projects.

You can download “Doing data Management and documentation using EpiData, REDCap and statistical software” for free - do it for your own sake and for the sake of society.

One of Henrik Bøggild’s sources of inspiration stated in his new book


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