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REMAP Seminar

REMAP Seminar

Last modified: 08.05.2018

On the 24th of April 2018, SMI hosted the first REMAP Seminar with more than 50 attendees from various Departments at Aalborg University, Aalborg University Hospital, Århus University Hospital and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

The main purpose of REMAP “REgain Motor function through robotic Arm exoskeleton and brain comPuter interface” is to develop and implement novel assistive technologies for ALS patients by integrating state-of-the-art brain-computer interface (BCI) control with robotic assistive devices (exoskeleton arm and gloves) to regain/enhance patient’s motor function for an improved physical performance. REMAP is funded by the Innovation Fond of Denmark.

The aim of the seminar, organized by Dr Strahinja Dosen and Dr Natalie Mrachacz-Kersting was to disseminate the initial results and to foster discussions with outside researchers working within the same area. It was our pleasure to host our keynote speaker, Dr. Terje Lien, Professor Emeritus at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology who has developed an arm exoskeleton for ALS patients in Norway.