The Respiratory and Critical Care group are a research team investigating the application of technology in all matters related to respiration, respiratory medicine and critical care medicine.

The team has a particular focus on the application of physiological models, built into technological solutions, to solve specific clinical questions or address physiological understanding. The team includes both engineers and doctors aiming to create a multi-disciplinary environment where the solution of clinical and physiological problems is at the fore.

RCARE activities include:

Mechanical ventilation

The group has developed a system - INVENT - for providing this optimal control. INVENT is commercialized under the name BEACON (www.beaconcaresystem.com) and is shown in the above picture.



The goal of this work is to minimize unnecessary arterial punctures for acid-base analysis. The group has developed a model-based system for mathematically arterializing peripheral venous samples. The method is patented, evaluated in emergency and pulmonary medicine, and commercializes under the name v-tac (www.obimedical.com).

Measurement of lung status in COPD 

The goal of this work is to find simple non-stressful techniques for estimating the status of the lungs in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The group is developing further the ALPE system for application in this field.  


Physiological understanding of the respiratory system

The goal of this work is to apply models to aid in physiological understanding and also to validate models for use in clinical application. Models of pulmonary gas exchange, acid-base chemistry etc are compared with the results of in vitro and in vivo experiments including those on animals and humans. 

Exercise respiration 

The goal of this work is to improve the understanding of respiratory physiology and the application of technology to exercise. This branch exploits the group’s background in critical care to investigate whether critical care technology can be applied usefully in measurement of respiration during exercise. 

A list of peer reviewed journal articles published by the group's members since 2006 can be downloaded here