Center for Health Science Education and Problem-Based Learning (CHSE-PBL)

Centre for Health Science Education and PBL was established in 2014 as part of Department of Health Science and Technology, Aalborg University. The centre has as its main purpose to contribute to research and development in health science education including medicine. The centre has a particular interest in the continuous development of a strong research and evidence based pedagogy anchored in problem-based learning and encompassing all educations in the Faculty of Medicine. This approach to learning  in various and unique implementations characterises all health science educations at Aalborg University and continuously attracts international attention.

The centre was established with the distinct objective of bringing educational research into close contact with educational practice to build on and challenge the theoretical and organisational foundations of problem-based learning and student centred education in the health sciences. To achieve this the centre will function as a platform bringing together researchers, teachers and supervisors across educations, departments and from outside the university who wish to contribute to research on health science education and PBL.