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Laboratory of Cardiotechnology

The research in the Laboratory for Cardiotechnology is typically related to clinical problems within the area of cardiology, with focus on the search for technology-based solutions for those problems. The main areas of research are

  • (Drug-induced) repolarization abnormalities
  • ECG based evaluation of Acute Myocardial Infarction
  • Phonocardiographic detection of Coronary Artery Disease

Other projects (have) focus(ed) on vagal nerve stimulation for control of the heart, vagal recordings, synchronized to the R-peak, for the early detection of epileptic seizures, and new stimulus paradigms for resynchronization therapy.

Key methodology for the main areas is signal processing in various forms. This includes filtering, spectral analysis, decomposition, non-linear techniques, pattern recognition, statistics, and the handling of large amounts of data.