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The main areas of the research within diabetes are:

These areas, however, encompasses several approaches from metabolic modelling of the physiology to strictly statistical models. These approaches can be used for development of decision support systems for the clinicians, diabetologists, patients, relatives etc.

Research in decision support aims to solve clinical problems by developing and using models of the underlying physiology, typically related to metabolism of various compounds. The models can be used for decision support by predicting the outcomes of different interventions enabling a patient or a healthcare professional to select the intervention with the most beneficial outcome. The models can also be used for research by comparing model predictions with data as differences between model predictions and data expresses real life physiological patterns not included in the model.

Staff in Diabetes Group

Key collaborators     

  • Steno Diabetes Center
  • David Cavan, MD FRCP, Bournemouth Diabetes and Endocrine Centre
  • Toke Folke Christensen, Novo Nordisk
  • Jonas Kildegaard, Novo Nordisk
  • Gunnar Hartvigsen, Professor, University of Tromsø