public health and epidemiology group (PHE)

Organisation profile

The Public Health and Epidemiology Group conducts research and educational training focusing on man in his surroundings.

Health and disease evolves in an interplay with the individual, his or hers family, community area, workplace, institutions, health services, environment and society. The examination of these relationships involves application of both health, psychology, sociology and social sciences with the aim of understanding both the causes of disease,  the prerequisites for effective prevention and health promotion, and the effects of health and diseases on social life.

The group has main responsibility for the master programme in Public Health at Aalborg University, that opened in 2012. Besides this, the group contributes to the educational programmes in Medicine and Medicine with Industrial Specialization and other programmes. We also offer pre-PhD qualification, PhD training and supervision of external research projects, and have PhD-students and research-year students attached.

We're engaged in PhD-courses related to our research specialties - epidemiology, register based research, survey, statistics and qualitative research methods.

The research group is relatively new and interdisciplinary, the members have very different educational and job-related backgrounds and together we master a variety of research methods from the fields of epidemiology, statistics, medical sociology, public health, social medicine and the social sciences as well as combinations of these. Most projects are conducted in collaboration with external partners and/or clinical practice and often using mixed methods design.

We've described our main areas of interests in the description of research groups. Most faculty members are engaged in several research groups.

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