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Health Services Research


The interest of the Health Services Research group is the interaction between the health care system, the professionals and the users in order to deliver safe and just care. This encompasses both the primary and secondary health care sectors and the group takes special interest in prevention and health promotion.

In addition, the structural framework of society, municipalities and regions and its influence on health and disease is in focus.

There is thus a focus on the health impact on individuals and groups, including the social inequality in treatment, rehabilitation and the potential opportunities and consequences of action.

The group has been working with the quality of health care in following procedures and guidelines.

In a broader sense, we are working with the possibilities to describe and monitor health care quality using existing information from registers.

The main areas of research are:

  • The maintenance and possibilities of diminishing social inequality in the health services
  • Using register information for quality assessment
  • Prevention and health promotion beyond life style and behavior
  • Screening
  • IT-related unintended incidents
  • The special needs of profession in relation to implementation of IT
  • IT and health legislation
  • Use of coercion at psychiatric wards
  • Creating of data in the health care sectors
  • Delivery of health information to non-professionals