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Public Health Informatics


Public Health Informatics (PHI) is a research domain aimed at improving public health by the application of modern health informatics solutions. PHI comprises the areas of health surveillance, collection of health related information, prevention and health promotion.

The overall objective in the PHI group is to study how new and still more advanced personal smart health-technologies can help improve health behaviour in the interplay with the person and environment, hence the focus on public health. A specific focus is on supporting user-involvement in PHI development through the on-going development of knowledge and methods aimed at facilitating user-involvement in health-informatics development.

The main areas of research are:

  • Development of PHI solutions with focus on user safety and involvement
  • PHI assessment and formative and summative evaluation
  • Participatory approaches to the development of methods for supporting organizational and technological changes within PHI
  • The significance of social and psychological aspects of the user