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Register based research and clinical epidemiology


The research areas are controlled clinical trials and epidemiological studies with focus on cardiovascular disorders and public health problems.

In the area of controlled clinical trials current studies address the effect of implantable automatic defibrillators in heart failure, invasive treatment of acute myocardial infarction, use of automatic defibrillators to treat cardiac arrest and antithrombotic treatment of cardiac valve replacement.  These trials are all Danish national trials with wide cooperation within the country.

The field of epidemiology is mainly focused on using nationwide registers in Denmark and the group has 4 servers placed in Statistics Denmark and one server at the Serum Institute. About 150 people use these facilities in a network.

Cardiac arrest: We run the Danish Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest register and use these data for a range of studies to detect improvement in survival and the factors that are associated with survival

Drug safety: A number of studies are focused on interaction between drugs and safety of selected drugs.

Atrial fibrillation: A number of studies are focused on detecting risk of thrombosis and treatment with antithrombotic drugs. Ongoing studies also address antiarrhythmic drugs and rate control therapy.

Heart failure: A number of studies are directed on various aspects of this entity.

Risk factors: Using registries that report body weight, alcohol consumption and smoking have been used to conduct a number of studies address the importance in selected populations.

Risk of surgery: A number of studies are directed at risk of drug treatment and other factors in relation to planned and acute surgery.