Working environment and safety at hst

Working Environment Organisation (WEO)

According to Danish law it is the responsibility of the employer (management) - in collaboration with the employees - to ensure that the working conditions are safe and sound in any way. HST-WEO facilitates this collaboration and takes action on any relevant issue.

Reporting to your Working Environment Group

As an employee, you are obliged to report any working environment related issues that comes to your attention to the representative of your Working Environment Group.
The representative will then report to AAU's Head of Safety and the Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA, "ArbejdsTilsynet") if needed.

Examples of WEO topics

  • Work related health issues, incl. precautions to avoid health problems
  • Physical working environment and safety, eg. heavy loads, heat/cold/draught, ventilation, light, potentially dangerous machines
  • Psychosocial working environment, e.g. stress, harassment and precautionary measures (in collaboration with HST's Co-operation Committee)
  • Ergonomics, e.g. computer glasses ("skærmbriller") and how to furnish your working place to avoid health problems
  • Reporting accidents and almost-accidents ("nær-ved-ulykker")