Emergency and first aid

Call for an ambulance

Upright transport to hospital emergency room

In case of minor issues with upright transport to hospital emergency room:
Dial: 7011 3113  (subscription no.: 50150296)

Defibrillators / Hjertestartere at HST

Anyone can use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), "Hjertestarter": It is automated and it will instruct you what to do - just follow the instructions!

Find the nearest AED here:

  • Fredrik Bajers Vej 3B, ground floor, on the wall next to room 1.105 (instructions in English)
  • Fredrik Bajers Vej 7D2/D3, first floor, in corridor between D2/D3 and E building (instructions in English)
  • Fredrik Bajers Vej 7 A-B on the wall in the canteen

Call for the fire brigade

Fire extinguishers

Water posts are found at the entrance of each corridor: Square, red/white cupboards.

Fire extinguishers mainly for fire in electrical equipment are available in the corridor next to the following rooms:

  • FrB. 7, A2-101, opposite A2-100
  • FrB. 7, D2-110
  • FrB. 7, D3-104, opposite D3-107

Fire blankets

Next to the door inside each laboratory.

Reporting accidents

If you have a work-related accident to report, please contact your local working environment representative and your manager immediately after the accident. Your working environment representative will help you send a report form. Please note that the form must be filled in and sent to "Arbejdsmiljøsektionen" at AAU no later than 5 days after the accident has happened.

You can find more information about work-related accidents or near miss incidents here.

AAU evacuation

The appropriate action will depend on the type of emergency.

Information about evacuation and fire protection can be found at AAU Campus Service's website.

Information about evacuation and evacuation equipment can be found at AAU's Central Section for Occupational Health and Safety's website 

Information on how to act in the case of evacuation can be found in AAU's Evacuation Information folder (in both Danish and English).

In case of emergency Aalborg University has evacuation plans for each building. You are strongly encouraged to acquaint yourself with the plans for the building(s) you work in.

Evacuation kits and instructions at HST

First aid kits

First aid kits are available in the following rooms:

  • FrB. 3B, 2.204 (laborantkontoret)
  • FrB. 3B, G1.303 (ved lab 1.307)
  • FrB. 3B, 3.103 (studenterlab)
  • FrB. 3B, 2.305a (retrolab)
  • FrB. 7C, C1-215
  • FrB. 7D, D1-110 (Jan / Electronics Workshop)
  • FrB. 7D, D2-208 (Tina B. Andersen)
  • FrB. 7D, D2-213 (coffee room), inside the room on shelf beside the entrance door
  • FrB. 7D, lab. corridor opposite D3-107
  • FrB. 7E, E4-109 (studenterlab)
  • NJV 8A, 1.09 (kitchen)
  • NJV 12, A5-118 (office)
  • NJV 12, A5-252 (by the mail boxes)

First aid courses

Aalborg University regularly offers first aid courses to all employees.
It is strongly recommended to attend a first aid course.

Read more about the first aid courses (in Danish).

Courses in English can be arranged.