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Evacuation kits and instructions

Evacuation kits including instructions, maps, etc. are found in the corridors as listed below:

FRB3B (Biomedicine)

Opposite room 1.105

FRB7 A-building

  • A2+A3, first floor: A2-213/215
  • A2+A3+A4, ground floor: A3-101
  • A1+A4, first floor: A4-219

FRB7 C-building

  • C1+C2, first floor: C1-223/225
  • C3+C4, ground floor: C4-101

FRB7 D-building

  • D1+D2, ground floor: D2-111
  • D1+D2, first floor: D2-201/203
  • D3, ground floor: D3-104
  • D3, first floor: D3-211

FRB7 E-building

  • E1+E2, first floor: E1-209/211
  • E1+E2, ground floor: E2-104
  • E3+E4, ground floor: E3-111
  • E3+E4, first floor: E4 at corner opposite 201/203