Laboratory at HST and responsibles


FRB3B 1.009
Fluorescence Microscopy
Svend Birkelund

FRB3B 1.021
Mass spectrometer
Svend Birkelund / Allan Stensballe

FRB3B 1.024
Svend Birkelund

FRB3B 1.110
FRB3B 1.124
Laboratory for Manufacturing of Bioelectrodes and Bioelectronics Systems
Thomas Gomes Nørgaard dos Santos Nielsen

FRB3B 1.113
Cryostat Laboratory
Merete FredsgaardLuise Bolther

FRB3B 1.114
Laboratory for in vitro Electrophysiology
Thomas Gomes Nørgaard dos Santos Nielsen

FRB3B 1.116
Metabolism Modifying Medicine Laboratory
Luise Bolther 

FRB3B 1.113
Laboratory for primary cell work
Annette Burkhart Larsen / Louiza Bohn Thomsen 

FRB3B 1.126
Cristian Pablo Pennisi

FRB3B 1.213
Torben Moos

FRB3B 1.214
Flow cytometry laboratory
Emil Kofod-Olsen / Brita Holst Serup

FRB3B 1.218
Laboratory of Neurobiology II
Torben Moos / Merete Fredsgaard

FRB3B 1.220
Laboratory for medical mass spectrometry
Svend Birkelund / Ditte Bech Laursen 

FRB3B 1.302
Laboratory for isotop work
Svend Birkelund

FRB3B 1.307
Chemical room 1.307
Brita Holst Serup

FRB3B 1.308
Neurobiology I
Torben Moos / Merete Fredsgaard

FRB3B 1.312b
Laboratory for bacterial work

FRB3B 1.315
Laboratory of Cancer Biology
Meg Duroux

FRB3B 1.316
Laboratory for stem cell research
Vladimir Zachar

FRB3B 1.322
Laboratory for RNA work and PCR

FRB3B 1.326
Vladimir Zachar

FRB3B 2.305b
Retro laboratory

FRB3B 2.303
Fluorescence microscopy
Meg Duroux

FRB3B 2.308
Laboratory of Immunology
Ralf Agger / Brita Holst Serup

FRB3B 3.103
Students laboratory
Luise Bolther / Ditte Bech Laursen

FRB3B 3.203
FRB3B 3.205a-c
FRB3B 3.207
Clean room facilities
Trine Fink

FRB3B 3.303
FRB3B 3.307
Laboratory for cell work
Torben Moos / Merete Fredsgaard / Vladimir Zachar