User responsibilities

If you host a guest researcher, you are considered to be a supervisor of that person.

Responsibilities of teachers and supervisors

  • Teachers and supervisors must evaluate which safety precautions are necessary (e.g. fume cupboards, personal protective measures, aids for heavy lifting).
  • It is the responsibility of teachers and supervisors that students and guests receive training and instruction so they can perform the activities properly with respect to safety.
    This includes instruction in the use of all technical aids and materials (eg. stimulators, data acquisition equipment, syringes, chemicals).
  • Teachers and supervisors must make sure that the necessary safety measures are taken.
  • If conditions which are outside the responsibilities of the teacher/supervisor occur, the head of the department must be informed, and the activity cannot be continued before the conditions are justifiable with respect to safety and personal health.

Responsibilities of students and guests

Students and guests are obliged to follow the safety procedures and instructions. This concerns both written instructions and oral instructions from the teacher/supervisor.

Reporting to your Working Environment Group

As an employee, you are obliged to report any working environment related issues that comes to your attention to the representative of your Working Environment Group.
The representative will then report to AAU's Head of Safety and the Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA, "ArbejdsTilsynet") if needed.

Use of equipment

Any equipment is potentially dangerous if not used correctly. Equipment should only be used as intended and in accordance with the users manual. If you feel uncertain about how to use some equipment, don't hesitate to contact your supervisor, laboratory responsible or any technician.

For certain equipment, a specific person has been appointed to conduct safety instructions.
The laboratory responsible will direct you on this.

To borrow laboratory equipment you must contact the laboratory responsible.


Manuals for some equipment are available at SMI's homepage (access may be restricted).