Institut for Medicin og Sundhedsteknologi Department of Health Science and Technology

The vision of Department of Health Science and Technology, HST, is to improve health throughout society by development of new devices, methods and therapies, and by prevention of illness. Specifically, the North Denmark Region is a field of interest, the aim being to reduce the shortage of doctors and collaborate with industry.

From Molecule to Society

From Molecule to Society

Research at HST spans “from Molecule to Society”. It is conducted on 1) the human cell and the molecules it is built from, 2) the human body within e.g. neurology, pain, rehabilitation, biomechanics and cardiology, and 3) medical informatics systems within areas as image analysis, decision support and telemedicine.
The laboratories of HST support research as well as teaching, and the physical dimensions of objects in the laboratories span from micrometers (the cell) to several meters (human run).

New employees

1 February 2015, the following new appointments have started:

Associate professors:

Lars Domino Østergaard

Assistant professors:

Emil Kofod-Olsen
Jakob Dideriksen

Teaching assistant professors:

Gitte Kær Jespersen
Ludvig Johan Torp Rasmussen

Research assistants:

Line Rosenkilde Berg Ullits Christensen

Research students:

Line Bilgrav Villumsen
Louise Sjørslev Frandsen
Louise Ryttergaard Olsen

Support staff:

Ann Karina Schelde
Lisa Engen
Pia Lund