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Mission-driven research

Research conducted at Department of Health Science and Technology has a common basis: The human body. Our research spans “from molecule to society” covering aspects from the human cell and the molecules that the body is built from to the full human body. Our mission is to contribute to increased quality of life and benefit both the individual and society.

About our research

Research areas and groups

The Department of Health Science and Technology has 18 research groups each headed by a research group leader. Spanning from molecule to society our research covers: 

  • E-Health and Clinical Decision Support: Respiratory and critical care • cardio-technology • medical image analysis • artificial intelligence • clinical decision support • e-health • tele health • telerehabilitation 
  • Neurorehabilitation, Neuroengineering and Robotics: Neural prostheses • neuro-technology • brain computer interface 
  • Biomedicine: Blood-brain-barrier • stem cells • molecular medicine • personalized medicine • microbiology and immunology • degenerative diseases • pharmacology • genomic medicine
  • Sport Sciences and Public Health: Sports technology • sports and social issues • ergonomics • public health • health literacy  
  • Pain Research: Pain neuroplasticity • chronic pain • animal to human models • musculoskeletal health 

List of research groups and centers