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Education and teaching

At the Department of Health Science and Technology we educate bachelors and masters of science within health technology, medicine, medicine with industrial specialisation, biomedical engineering, sports science, sports technology, public health, and clinical health and technology.

The essence of the department’s education portfolio is to educate candidates for the labor market of tomorrow. Accordingly, we have a strong focus on transforming the graduates from being students and into being labor market ready.

Louise Pape-Haugaard, Vice head of department - Teaching

Bachelor programs

    Master programs

      SUND students play an active and important part in our research environments

      Meet our graduates and students

      - Are you looking for a new employee? Are you curious to learn more about collaboration possibilities with our students? Or would you like to learn more about our education programs and the candidates' professional profiles? "Et Sundt Match / A Healthy Match" facilitates the meeting between companies and organizations and health academics from Aalborg University's health science programs.

      A Healthy Match / Et Sundt Match