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Our Vision

Together with our colleagues at Department of Clinical Medicine, we take active part in implementing the 2030 vision of the Faculty of Medicine; to become leading within digital health and well-known for doctors and engineers finding solutions together. Further, our competent graduates will contribute to setting the agenda for future needs and solutions for increased public health and implementation of new health knowledge and technologies.

Our Mission

Lotte Struijk holding a robot hand

At the Department of Health Science and Technology (HST) at Aalborg University, our mission is to drive positive societal impact through cutting-edge research and innovation, with a strong focus on digital health. We are dedicated to addressing four grand challenges that shape our vision for a healthier and more sustainable future.

Each year we select a few promising mission projects that showcase our research and dedication to making progress in digital health. These projects blend expertise, tech, and compassion, reflecting our commitment to shaping a better future in healthcare.

Our Values

At HST, our values - Share, Care, and Dare - are not just words; they are the cornerstones of our identity. They underpin our commitment to fostering a collaborative and inclusive community where knowledge freely flows, individual efforts are recognized and respected, and a culture of curiosity and innovation thrives. These values are essential in shaping a resilient, progressive, and dynamic environment that empowers our team to excel in research, education, and administration. They drive us towards a future where we continue to make a meaningful impact on society and healthcare.


Employees actively share knowledge and professional expertise in a culture characterized by trust and openness, where questions and doubts are seen as opportunities for development


The efforts of the employees are recognized and respected across research, education, and administration. There is a focus on promoting a respectful working culture where good initiatives and efforts are highlighted


The work culture encourages and fosters curiosity, learning, and development. Employees challenge themselves and each other, and are motivated to be creative and innovative, embracing the possibility of mistakes as the path to ground-breaking ideas

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