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Working environment and safety

HST' Working Environment Organization takes action on issues relating to our common working environment. Working environment representatives and management ensure that the working conditions are safe and sound – in collaboration with staff members.

List of laboratories

You can see the list of laboratories at Department of Health Science (HST)  and Technology here. All HST's laboratories are listed under "facilities" at VBN. 

You can also type the name of the laboratory in the search field below and find the laboratory you are looking for. 

Search for an HST laboratory here

Working Environment Groups at HST

If you have a work-related accident to report, please contact your local working environment representative and your manager immediately after the accident. Your working environment representative will help you send a report form. Please note that the form must be filled in and sent to "Arbejdsmiljøsektionen" at AAU no later than 5 days after the accident has happened.

You can find more information about work-related accidents or near miss incidents here.

Emergency and first aid

Working in the laboratories


Physical working environment & Ergonomics