Through interaction of engineering, sports science and medicine, researchers of Department of Health Science and Technology develop methods to understand and control human biological systems – to assess physiological functions, to diagnose and restore impaired functions, and to retrieve, transmit, interpret and present person-specific information.

Spanning from molecule to society our research covers:  

Biomarkers ● Biomechanics and motor control systems ● Biomedicine and human biotechnology ● Cardiology ● Decision support ● Image analysis ● Medical decision support systems ● Medical informatics systems ● Medicine ● Neurology ● Pharma technology ● Pre-clinical research ● Public health ● Rehabilitation technology and test of new equipment ● Sports science ● Telemedicine ● Translational neuroscience ● Translational pain research and drug profiling ● Welfare technology

At Department of Health Science and Technology we aim to produce and perform research-based innovation and teaching. Dissemination of our knowledge is prioritized and we always strive towards establishing dialogue with industry and other potential beneficiaries – our surrounding society, our citizens.

HST operates under The Faculty of Medicine.

Research groups 

Cardio Tech 

Integrative Neuroscience 

Medical Informatics and Image Analysis 

Medical Microbiology and Immunology 

Molecular Pharmacology 

Musculoskeletal Health 

Neural Engineering and Neurophysiology 

Neurobiological Research and Drug Delivery 

Neurorehabilitation Robotics and Engineering 

Neurorehabilitation Systems 

Pain and Motor System Plasticity 

Public Health and Epidemiology

Regenerative Medicine 

Respiratory and Critical care

Sport & Social Issues 

Sport Sciences - Performance and Technology 

Translational Pain Biomarkers 

International Network hosted by HST

The Sport and Social Issues research group hosts International Network for Research in Sports and Migration Issues. The purpose of the network is to support research on Sport and Migration in its broadest cultural, social, economic and political dimensions.